The housing crisis in the Bay Area and beyond, economic stagnation, widening wealth inequality, environmental degradation―can Henry George's ideas offer a path forward that unfettered capitalism and incremental socialism lack? Interviews, roundtable discussions, and debates.


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State-wide Rent Cap/Just Cause, Local Urgency Ordinances, with Stasha Powell and Jordan Grimes


Sacramento passed state-wide protections to limit rent increases and prevent just cause evictions, a real win for renters. BUT: various loopholes led to the need for a series of urgency ordinances on a city-by-city basis to prevent last-minute evictions. We hear from Stasha Powell, tenant activist (of One Redwood City) and Jordan Grimes (of Peninsula for Everyone) to hear about these actions, and some general thoughts about the challenges of implementation, and the future of tenant rights in California and beyond.